Mirror, mirror…. who’s the fairest of them all?

President* Trump,

Is there no one in your camp willing to hold the magic mirror up for you to see how pathetic your groveling and race baiting looks?

“Suburban women, would you please like me? Please. Please, I saved your damn neighborhoods, OK?”

“….my favorite people in the world—the seniors…. We’re taking care of our seniors. You’re not vulnerable but they like to say you’re vulnerable. You’re the least vulnerable but for this one thing, you are vulnerable. So am I. So we’re going to take care of our seniors—all free!”

Is there no one willing to get you to do a little time travel projection? If anyone in your posse actually cared about you, they would step in, sit you down, have you “pretend” you’ve lost the election, and then show you several hour’s worth of clips of you making a wretched ass of yourself.

Although my brother is convinced from the Coney Barrett hearings that you’re going to win the election, and there are probably still ways that you could steal (not win) it, I think the chances of either outcome are vanishingly small. Thus, I think it’s high time you pulled yourself up by your big boy panties and faced reality with some grace and some grit. Wouldn’t you rather be able to look back on at least the last 20 days of the contest and say you faced your opponent with integrity and honor, that you can exit with your head held high?


Of course you wouldn’t. What a silly, silly idea. Why bother with such drivel when it’s so much more fun to be a full on jerk? You still have about 42% of eligible voters in your corner and thus millions (OMG) delight in your flavor of asshole, so why not relish it and play your empty hand out to the bitter end? What do you really have to lose? If you go down in a flaming fireball politically, you’re almost guaranteed to rise like the proverbial Phoenix when you return to private life. Who knows, maybe this is a debt-repayment strategy? Plus, you can go back to being the outsider provocateur that intermittently tosses racist grenades into the body politic for the hell of it.

So unlike the Evil Queen Stepmother in Snow White, you probably like it when your magic mirror tells you that Biden is the Fairest in the Land:

Evil Queen Stepmother: “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, now, who is the fairest of us all?”

2020 Magic Mirror: “Over the seven jewelled hills, beyond the seventh fall, in the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, dwells Joe Biden, fairest of us all.”

Ok, I know that’s over the top, but really – I bet you would no more (really, truly) want to be known as the fairest in the land than you’d want to actually take care of seniors or do right by suburban women or anyone else. In your book, fairness is for dopes and patsies, fairness is for the weak and stupid. No, you’d much rather be the Evil King Stepmother and see how far you can get with schemes, lies, trickery, and treachery – all that’s way more your speed.

Oh, and speaking of speed – has no one in your camp told you that long term use of high doses of steroids is a recipe for disaster? Surely this is how you are propped up enough to get through your rallies. In case you want to see the risks you’re taking and can tolerate a little science-based information for a nanosecond, here’s a link to the Mayo Clinic page on this: https://www.mayoclinic.org/steroids/art-20045692.

May we be safe from desperate jerks.
May we be willing to bear witness to our POTUS’s jerk behavior.
May we be strong as we look into our own mirrors for any traces of complicity or complacency.
May we accept that desperate jerks are apt to be very dangerous jerks.

Tracy Simpson

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