Little eyes and ears

Dear President Trump,

I’m not sure if it was having overdone things yesterday or if something I ate disagreed with me, but I felt so crummy this morning that I ended up going back to bed after breakfast (which included a large cup of black tea) and skipping church. It was a serious bummer because it was the one week out of the month when the choir I’m in gets to sing and I had to miss it. Better, though, to have sat it out (and slept) than to have had to bail part of the way through the service, which I’m pretty sure would have happened.

Things looked up some later, but honestly, I’ve felt pretty puny all day and don’t have much steam left even though it isn’t even 9pm yet.

The one thing I’ve come up with to write to you about today are all the kids at Elizabeth Warren’s rally last night. There were lots of kids – babies and toddlers, like I said yesterday, but also middle school and high school students. Of course, there were lots more adults without kids than with kids, but I was surprised at how many quite young, as in can’t yet drive, people were there. We didn’t stay for the whole thing, but at least two of the people who asked Warren questions after her speech were teenage girls.

Do very many kids go to your rallies? I know I haven’t thought to look carefully for kids, but the images I’ve seen of the crowds at your shindigs have all depicted lots and lots (and lots, dang it) of white adults. Although I know there’s almost always a small handful of people of color sprinkled in behind you, I don’t remember ever seeing a child either behind you or in the larger crowd.

When I Googled “do many kids attend trump rallies?” the first several hits were about how sad and concerned people are about children attending your rallies. There were also a couple of pieces from 2016 about how you liked to hold up small children, but I couldn’t bring myself to open those because the thumbnail pictures were bad enough and frankly, gave me the creeps.

The scene last night was so different. Warren was definitely feisty about Bloomberg and about you, but she kept things positive. She kept the focus on what she brings to the table, what she has to offer the country, and not one threatening, nasty, or ugly word came out of her mouth. Parents and kids were cheering and clapping and there was never even a suggestion that any of the parents were uncomfortable having their children hear anything she was saying. It was wonderful. It was hopeful. It showed a path forward.

May kids be safe at historical and cultural events.
May we be willing to be real, for sure, but also constructive and positive.
May we insist on healthy, strong role models.
May we make peace with the need to change just about everything for children’s futures.

Tracy Simpson

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