Cherry blossoms and fairy lights

Dear President Trump,

All I’ve got time and energy for today is a short postcard-like letter so here are two quick things. First, today is our 7th wedding anniversary of the legal sort (1/1/20 was our 31st real anniversary), and second, the blossoming trees around here have really started doing their thing. Actually, some of them got going nearly two weeks ago, one of which is the huge ornamental cherry in Freeway Park that I can see on my way to work. That one got going so early that it’s been covered in pink flowers up top while its trunk and lower limbs were still wrapped in white lights. I’m not sure whether it will still be so adorned tomorrow, but I’ll tell you, it has looked like the loveliest fairy tree in all the land these last couple of weeks. It’s been a balm.

May we be safe to bloom, early, late, or right on time.
May we hold space for happiness and fill it every once in a while.
May we stay healthy and strong for the heavy lift being asked of us.
May we center respect, peace, and kindness for all our sakes.

Tracy Simpson

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