Dear President Trump,

It’s been quite an odd day today and now at the very end of it I’m pretty worn out. I may or may not tell you about it tomorrow or the next day – we’ll see – but part of it involved gathering up the 50 or so fortunes from fortune cookies that were in random spots around the house. We put them into a glass cream container with a lid so that people can shake it and whichever fortune is face up and closest to them is theirs. I read them all out loud to Laura as they took turns being dropped into the container. Some were super sweet, some were hopeful, some were funny, and some were quite odd.

For tonight’s postcard I’m going to share four fortunes that we found to be especially odd, funny, out-there, or on point. Here you go:

Areas of communication may be very busy at present.

You will reach high levels of intelligence.

Your ideas will be totally acceptable.

It is proper to speak the truth.

May we be safe to seek and share our fortunes.
May we be happy to be open to surprises and absurdities.
May we keep our emotional selves healthy with plenty of laughter.
May we make peace with the truths we need to face.

Tracy Simpson

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