A sign

Dear President Trump,

Laura is so good to me. During the after lunch lull as we were each trying to motivate ourselves for the afternoon’s activities, she turned to me and said “Do you want to make an “Impeach” poster? We have some poster board in the basement and lots of duct tape. We can put it in the upstairs window.” I don’t think I’ve ever closed my computer faster – I think I startled her with the vehemence of my response. I’m not proud of this, but I’m rarely all that enthusiastic about doing something anyone suggests if I’m in the middle of reading pretty much anything. This though, was clearly a different proposition.

She knew exactly where the poster board was in the cluttered back room in the basement and it took all of two minutes to round up the duct tape, scissors, ruler, and a pencil. Fortunately the dining room table was already clear so we didn’t have to interrupt the momentum with any stacking/sorting. We did, though, have to pause because the word “impeach” is really a lot of letters to write in duct tape on a not very big piece of poster board, so we had to sort out what to do. Laura sketched some options:
#1 ~ I M centered over P E A C H
#2 ~ I T M F A
#3 ~ I M P with the E under the P and A C H under the E
(please excuse the crude descriptions; I can’t get WordPress to cooperate with the visuals here)

Since the first one is funny and the need to get on with impeaching you is not funny, I nixed that option. With regards to option #2, in case you’ve been blithely ignoring the various ways people are finding to express their frustration with the lack of action on the impeachment front and you don’t know what “ITMFA” stands for, let me be the first to inform you that it means “Impeach The Mother F*cker Already.” We both think this usage of “mother f*cker” is appropriate (not something either of us come to lightly) and we both like the overall message a lot. We decided, though, that option #3 gets the point across most cleanly.

It took all of 15 minutes to measure and cut bits of duct tape to fashion into rather crude letters and we ended up with #3 followed by “.”

The period at the end is important. Because this is such a solemn thing, an exclamation point is inappropriate; it would inject too much of a ‘rah-rah’ sense of enthusiasm when this is really deadly serious. Even though we had some fun making the sign itself and I am injecting bits of humor into the story about the sign making, this is really a critical issue for our country that we cannot afford to get wrong. And so far, we are getting it wrong and if we don’t change course soon, the consequences of the House’s inaction will almost certainly be catastrophic.

We placed the sign in our upstairs window that faces out onto the arterial in front of our house and then went outside to make sure it’s visible and parse-able. It is and it is. The sign should be readable even by people driving past at a pretty good clip. As we high-fived each other, Laura quipped that people won’t need to wonder what the lesbians think.

Right. In this house we believe that the all the smoking guns needed to implicate you, the person who poses the gravest mortal and moral threat to the future of democracy and the habitability of the planet, have been revealed – we do not need to keep pretending to “investigate” you, there is more than enough in the Mueller report and Cohen’s testimony to impeach you several times over. We must get on with it.

May our leaders realize that “safe” options are not always the correct and righteous options.
May we be willing to take risks and do what is needed.
May we see that we cannot have a healthy democracy if we allow corruption to go unchecked.
May we not make peace with this dangerous status quo.

Tracy Simpson

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