Resounding repudiation needed ASAP

Dear President Trump,

Every morning I send you a blessing that includes my hope that you will be healthy and strong, and every day, thus far, it has bounced off you. Instead of health and strength, you continually exhibit (spiritual, moral, mental) illness and weakness. This morning we have the latest example in the juxtaposed articles about your fusses with Fox News over their poll results alongside your Tweet last night that ICE is gearing up to arrest “millions” of undocumented people next week; bad poll numbers à “he-man” show of strength against vulnerable people (fortunately you also haven’t gotten any smarter; by boasting about the upcoming mass cruelty you’ve tipped people off, so at least there’s that). It’s possible things could be worse if those of us who are praying for you or sending you positive thought-vibes weren’t doing this, but really, it’s hard to imagine things a whole lot worse (but please don’t take that as an invitation to prove me wrong).

I do believe there will come a time in the not too, too distant future when you will no longer be relevant and we won’t have to see your name umpteen dozen times every single day, but that day can’t come fast enough. You are a scourge. And we need to be rid of you.

Switching gears, Laura got a little behind on reading my letters and just now finished the one about our neighborhood scourges, the Sisley brothers. Overall she like the letter, but she pointed out that my refusal to take off my ad blocker to read articles behind pay walls is problematic because journalism outlets need advertising revenue to stay afloat. Of course she’s right. I feel bad that I was so adamant about keeping the blocker on when I could toggle it on/off as needed. I’ve just always been really creeped out about being one of several billion subjects of the machines’ algorithms and finding ads for things “I might like” on my work computer (behind the VA firewall, no less) that I searched at home or vice versa. I know data mining goes on constantly and pretty much everything about virtually all of us is captured in code and stored somewhere, so I guess it’s more that I don’t want this reality in my face all the time and the ad blocker deal has been a way to buffer myself a bit. But supporting journalism, particularly now in this political climate that you’ve so poisoned, is far more important than propping up my illusion of privacy, so henceforth I will engage in ad-blocker removing.

Coming back to your poll numbers for a minute – I would like to go on record that as terrific as it is that every single fair poll has you coming in behind several Democratic hopefuls, I still want the House to initiate impeachment inquiries. Did you see that Katie Porter came out in favor of this too? You remember Porter, don’t you? She totally rocks. She’s the freshman Representative who taught the CFPB director how to calculate an APR because he (and you) refuse to regulate the payday loan industry and haven’t a clue (and don’t care to get one) how these scourge sharks impact real people.

There are strong arguments on either side of the “it’s not enough to” debate – as in “it’s not enough to impeach you/him” and “it’s not enough to vote you/him out of office” – both are true. There needs to be the most resounding repudiation possible of you and what you represent, absolutely. And in my opinion, the only way for that to happen is that we take the opportunities for repudiation as they come along temporally and the first up is to initiate an impeachment inquiry. Case closed.

May we be safe from weak bullies (fyi: truly strong people never bully).
May we be willing to stand between weak bullies and their intended victims.
May we take care of the health of our democracy by resoundingly repudiating you.
May you not start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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