A rough day and some extra flowers

Dear President Trump,

It’s late and I’m toast from trying to keep our sick dog from licking up everything on the floor, which is what he does when he’s sick. He’s only about 30 pounds, but he’s basically all muscle and when he’s writhing and trying to get down it’s really hard to contain him. He’s finally calmed down enough that I don’t need to hold him and I am very grateful. Poor guy – he clearly feels awful. Hopefully he’ll fall asleep soon and we can all go to bed.

Since I don’t have much energy left over, I’m going to take it easy and just tell you about the flowering cherry in freeway park (the park literally spans the freeway in downtown Seattle). The cherry tree is tucked into the corner of one of the big concrete planters that are all connected to form the edges of the park. I’ve been watching this tree for nearly 20 years, saying hello to it most weekday mornings on my way to work. It used to be that it would flower out in mid-February, but it’s been going earlier and earlier as the climate warms up and this year it bloomed mid-January. It was pretty distressing to have it go so early. The stranger thing, though, is that just this past week it started flowering again. It had lost all the flowers and I thought it had started to grow leaves, but truly, this past week it is a cloud of pink again. I didn’t know trees ever did that. It’s probably not a good sign from a health standpoint, but I’m guessing it got confused by all the snow and the colder than usual temperatures we had most of February and into March. Whatever caused the second flush of flowers, I’m happy to see it looking so happy again.

There are also lots of crocuses blooming and a few miniature irises and the bunnies are back out in force. I also think the crows are starting to lay eggs. The other day there were a couple hundred going nuts trying to scare off an eagle that must have been trying to get a crow-egg dinner. I made a point of going the other way up the block so they wouldn’t confuse me with the eagle like they seemed to a couple of years ago when they kept dive bombing me.

The dog is licking again so I need to go.

May we be safe.
May we be patient and willing to do what needs doing.
May we all be healthy and strong.
May we be peace.

Tracy Simpson

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