“Unafraid & Unashamed” is terrifying

Dear President Trump,

I think I saw the picture of the nutso over-the-top huge painting of you trying to look steely and determined (but really looking troubled and confused) the first day of the CPAC, probably in the WP, though I’m not sure. I do know they’ve had the bizarre image of you hugging the American flag displayed prominently at the top of their page every day since the conference started last Thursday. I don’t get why they thought this was a good idea. Maybe they think it helps show how off the rails you really are, between the flag hugging and your weird squinty smile. Who the hell knows?

Getting back to that ginormous painting of you next to the eagle making off with the American flag…. It’s totally creepy. You look like an Orwellian Big Brother thug. I can’t find the image now, but a couple of days ago I saw a bunch of young people at the conference looking terribly excited to have their picture taken in front of it. I’m used to old white GOP Congressmen fawning all over you, but it was a jolt to see young people supporting you since you’re so blatantly selling their futures to the highest bidder.

Then there’s the replica of the painting on the side of the semi that carries the painting. In addition to an even bigger version of Big Brother Donald, the semi has the slogan “Unafraid & Unashamed” emblazoned on it with the tagline “Could God be voting for Trump?” Really? Who comes up with this shit? And why? If there is a God (or gods) it’s beyond comprehension how anyone would think he/she/it/they would support someone who blithely robs from the poor to give to the rich. It’s the “Unashamed” part, though, that’s especially odd to me since when one insists one isn’t ashamed it rather suggests that there’s plenty of cause for shame.

Wait, is the slogan just copping to your sociopathy? I bet that’s it since it fits for both the “Unashamed” and the “Unafraid” parts. Sociopaths aren’t equipped with normal moral compunctions that enable them to feel shame when they do f*cking shameful things and they also have scarily high fear thresholds such that they really do tend to be unafraid. When you put the two together, it’s one hell of a bad combination for someone running a major world power. Or a lawn mower.

May we be safe from monsters who know no fear and feel no shame.
May we be willing to put such people away where they can’t hurt anyone.
May we learn from this disaster so it never, ever happens again.
May I get the image of you grinning with your finger on the nuclear button out of my head.

Tracy Simpson

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