Fundamentally hosed

Dear President Trump,

Here are some (valid) definitions of the word e·mer·gen·cy:

noun: emergency; plural noun: emergencies

  1. a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.
  2. an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action
  3. an urgent need for assistance or relief

I took the liberty of underlining the time-oriented words since they are so important for unpacking the real emergency you’re trying to address with your national emergency declaration. It’s not, as many commentators have correctly pointed out, actually about the wall since you’ve been perseverating on the wall for over two years now and thus it doesn’t qualify as an emergency situation in need of immediate action. It doesn’t count that you just want it done faster.

So what is the real emergency? Ah, well, grasshopper, we both know the real emergency is that you can’t possibly hold your base together without taking urgent action to salvage a disastrous political situation of your own making. So the emergency is that your political ass is on the line.

Plus, your need for faster wall action has to be related to the steady drumbeat of the Mueller investigation as it marches every closer to you and your family. That’s probably got your pulse rate up and your adrenal glands working overtime. And, as you probably don’t know, when we are feeling anxious about uncontrollable situation X, we often can’t stay focused on situation X and we are apt target things we might have some control over, say a situation Y. In your case, it’s clear you have no control over the Mueller investigation and now you have the House to contend with as well, but by golly, you have control over the type of political posturing you do and so whala!, you get to act like the man as you dose your kool aid addled base with delusions of the promised wall.

Ok, I know this is some serious hyperbole, but I do think that the only emergency at hand is your need to staunch your political hemorrhaging and that in doing so, you are trying to focus everyone on the thing you can sort of control to distract from the huge thing that’s barreling towards you that you can’t control.

You’re buying time, but it’s clear you’re fundamentally hosed.

May we (to include all citizens of the world) not get caught in the crossfire.
May we be willing to keep holding you to account.
May we recognize desperately unhealthy leadership when we see it.
May we insist that peace be protected and not subverted by bogus emergency declarations.

Tracy Simpson

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