Why are you allowed to do this?

Dear President Trump,

The Seattle area is having its own mini-version of the polar vortex. The temperature didn’t get above 30 today. We got about 6” of snow so schools were closed and those of us who could work from home, did. The streets are still a scary mess. We’ve only had one day of this and it’s been plenty challenging so it’s mind-boggling what folks in the Midwest had to contend with last week with the real polar vortex.

And all this is just going to keep getting worse, isn’t it? And you don’t care do you? If anything, I bet you’d like to speed up global warming so you billionaire-types won’t have to share the world with the rest of us. Ok, that’s super cynical. But really, it’s hard to draw any other conclusion from your rabid climate change denials and your equally ferocious efforts to pump more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. If the rest of the horrible shit you’ve done weren’t bad enough, we’ve also got to contend with a president who is actively undermining everyone’s futures. Why are you allowed to do this?

I know you’re being checked every which way from Sunday now, but it’s still so bizarre to me that you aren’t already out on your ass let alone behind bars. (I just checked to see if I am using “let alone” correctly and I’m still not sure I am but I love the example that came up – I think someone was thinking of you: “he was incapable of leading a bowling team, let alone a country.”)

The efforts to figure out what all you’ve done, how you did it, who helped, and what can be prosecuted are great and I do appreciate that we’ve got a system that can hold crooked, self-dealing assholes accountable. But there are some buts. But #1 – you’ve so poisoned the well that a quarter of the country is not going to accept the outcome of any of these investigations when they go against you and although your base is mercifully shrinking, they tend to be heavily armed and it’s likely there will be violence. But #2 – the investigations are going so painfully slowly that you will have months, or even years to continue screwing us all over, and this makes me crazy. Really, some days all I can think about is how much I hope to see in the paper that you had a coronary or that Vladimir poisoned you or that something, anything felled you.

Clearly, you continue to be my most difficult person.

May your actions be safe.
May you turn over a new leaf and want happiness for everyone.
May you see that your health depends on our health and on the planet’s health.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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