What is Rudy up to (and does he even know)?

Dear President Trump,

Is Rudy G actually on your payroll? And if so, whose idea was it to hire him? Are you keeping him on the team? It’s hard to imagine he could do any more damage if you were to send him packing.

Even though he’s trying to dig himself out of the ditch today, last night he used confirmatory language around people on your campaign team having colluded with the Russians to throw the election. Yes, he appeared to try to do damage control by claiming you weren’t personally involved, but those remonstrations were totally lame and it seemed like he suddenly heard what he was saying (as in “oh shit, did I just say that out loud?”) and so he slapped a verbal bandaid over a gaping wound.

It’s all nuts and it’s not an especially good use of time to try and figure out what is motivating Rudy, but I’ve come up with three possibilities to run by you (#2 was fleshed out by reading Greg Sargent’s WP editorial this afternoon):

  1. It’s possible, though very unlikely, that Rudy is having one or two tiny moral qualms about things and maybe, just maybe, his conscience is waking up and leading him to let slip as much as he did because he’s so distressed about all the lies and can’t stand being in his own skin. Like I said, highly unlikely.
  2. What is far more likely is that Rudy thinks doing whatever it takes to win is just fine and he’s totally cool with you all having colluded with Russia to win the election and to gaslight everyone post-election. In this case, the Rudy-revelations are part of a Team Trump strategy to put distance between you and your campaign staff, which, by the way, includes your children (interesting that they are in the mix, huh?).
  3. And here’s one last possibility to chew on – maybe he’s acting at the behest of Vladimir to sow more chaos and telegraph to you that you are no longer a useful idiot, but rather an expendable idiot.

Who the hell knows? Does he even know?

Whatever is driving this bizarre behavior, I hope he keeps it up because the more time he spends talking or Tweeting about all this, the more likely it is that he’ll put his foot completely in it and tell the world what we already know – that you were instrumental in seeking out and colluding with Vladimir to throw the election your way. And then we can finally move on to getting rid of you and starting the massive cleanup efforts.

May we be safe through whatever political fallout happens.
May we be willing to keep you all in our sights.
May we be clear that none of this is ok or healthy.
May we not be caught in the crossfire when you go down.

Tracy Simpson

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