Smoking gun(s)

Dear President Trump,

I heard your interview on Fox tonight. When the anchor asked if you had ever worked for Russia you pulled out the righteous indignation and threw a few smoke bombs, but you never denied it. I listened to that exchange right after reading the WP article about how you confiscated your interpreter’s notes after a lengthy meeting with Vladimir and how there’s no record of what was discussed in five different meetings between the two of you. I was heartened to learn that the various interpreters are all still alive, but the rest of it is beyond disturbing.

Then there’s Paul M’s attorney’s poor redaction skills. Apparently it’s possible to read in the court papers that during the campaign Paul gave your polling data to someone with ties to Russian intelligence. This draws a straight line between your campaign, which you were in charge of, and the Russian misinformation operation, making it pretty damn clear that you all were feeding them information with which to crank certain people up and to crank certain other people down. You can try throwing Paul further under the bus by disavowing any knowledge of this situation, but you were responsible for what happened on your watch. Plus, it’s extremely likely you thought it was a terrific idea at the time (maybe you are still good with it since you were elected – sort of). Given all the layers to this that we already know about and how much more Mueller most certainly has kept back, this may not be the only smoking gun, but it’s surely part of the arsenal. No wonder you’ve created a colossal distraction with the government shutdown over the wall. Basically, you’re having a meltdown.

As someone on Twitter observed, it appears we are moving into the end game and your days are truly numbered.

I asked about this when you first took office and I know that the answer is probably “no,” but shouldn’t we get to undo all the crap you’ve done (Supreme Court justices, other judicial picks, tax cuts for the wealthiest and corporations, environmental and consumer protections trashed, etc.) once it’s demonstrated that you f*cking colluded with Russia to win? How can it possibly be fair that you worked with a foreign adversary to win the presidency and anything you did while in office is allowed to stand? It’s not. It’s just not.

May we be safe from our cornered Commander in Chief.
May we be willing to bear witness to what is happening.
May we do our best to hold things together.
May you and Vladimir not stage a faux fight in an attempt to throw us off.

Tracy Simpson

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