Fox News and independent thought

Dear President Trump,

Does anyone in the front office at Fox News owe you a big favor? Because if so, you probably want to cash it in pretty quickly and have Chris Wallace removed. I don’t think you can afford to have a Fox News anchor seriously pushing back on your press secretary on the bullshit you are peddling about terrorists pouring in across the border with Mexico. There are plenty of talking heads from other news outlets making these points and you have an easy out with them that your base seems to buy – it’s all fake news from haters. But a key anchor on Fox News making these same points very pointedly is a whole other matter for you and yours.

If you write him off as a hater who is lying and spreading fake news then you are telling your base they can’t trust the most popular news outlet that has historically been sympathetic to you. If you give it a pass and don’t do anything about it, chances are Wallace will continue to make the case that you and your administration are lying and that the wall is a boondoggle. In this situation, large numbers of your base will be exposed to reality because Fox is where you’ve said it’s ok to get information. It’s quite a bind you are in. And even if you have the front office fire Wallace behind a statement that he wasn’t dealing with the right set of facts, some among your base are going to have had their world rocked at least a little bit and might look into things themselves. It has happened, you know – remember Ammon Bundy?

And what of Sarah H-S? How much longer can she keep up this charade, shielding you with lies and off-point diversionary tactics? It must be exhausting. But then again, she may be one of those people who thrives on conflict and loves an opportunity to bullshit, on camera. To be honest, unlike Kelly, Mattis, Haley, and McGurk, she shows no sign of weariness for the game. Either you have something major on her or her dad or she is cut from the same cloth as you. Whatever it is, I think it’s awesome that Wallace called her (and you) out, on air, on Fox News, in front of millions of your peeps. This is exactly the kind of thing we need to start opening up chinks in your armor and exposing the racist, xenophobic brainwashing tactics you have been using against your own supporters.

May we be safe to push hard on the facts.
May we be happy to be dogged in the service of the common good.
May we keep coming back to what is real and truly healthy for us all.
May we all know peace and may we all be instruments of peace.

Tracy Simpson

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