Played, big time

Dear President Trump,

Because I’m not yet sure what I think about your performance piece with Representative Pelosi and Senator Schumer (aka “Nancy and Chuck”) today, I’m going to write to you instead about something I’ve been mulling over for the last few days.

There’s no way in hell this will be the conclusion the Mueller investigation reaches, but as a thought experiment, let’s say it was only ever Vladimir P’s people who reached out to your people about providing assistance to your campaign; that your people never, ever asked the Russians for anything and never, ever took or used anything they offered. In the court papers released about Michael C and Paul M last week there was information about Russians having reached out to at least 14 people directly tied to your campaign or your family, mostly to offer information about Hillary Clinton. So what if that had been the extent of your campaign’s involvement – fielding offers but neither soliciting nor receiving anything from them? That’s what you’ve been arguing all along, isn’t it?

I think it’s pretty easy to see what was in it for Vladimir if you took the bait and your people attended those meetings in hopes of getting some Hillary dirt, in the process getting comfy with the idea of leaning on Russia for assistance, but what if you all didn’t take the bait? I’m sure he had some plausible deniability story cooked up on the off chance you or one of your underlings went to the FBI or CIA about his agents offering information or other assistance. And if you neither fully swallowed the bait nor went to the authorities, what an awesome way to stir shit up for us – indefinitely. Even if you and your campaign are never indicted on collusion (or obstruction) charges, the phenomenal undermining of trust and the installation of a weak, stupid, malleable, and malicious leader whose instinct is to blast and corrode democracy is an incredible coup for Vladimir, a gift that will keep on giving for decades.

So, if we step back from how you all did or did not respond to Vladimir’s overtures and just look at what he stood to gain regardless of any of your likely countermoves, it’s clear that you and we were played, big time.

May we be safe from conniving hostile forces.
May we be willing do whatever is necessary to prevent conniving hostile forces from getting a toehold.
May we revitalize our collective cultural health so we aren’t an easy target.
May you not resort to starting a war.

Tracy Simpson

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