Saboteur in Chief

Dear President Trump,

I feel a little bad about this, but until today I wasn’t paying attention to the plan to appoint your Fox News friend, Heather Nauret as the US ambassador to the United Nations. It was just so over the top absurd that my brain couldn’t get it to register as a real news item – it was as though an Onion article accidentally got in the WP newsfeed. I finally read the article today. Well, actually, I tried to read it, but it was so disheartening to see her credentials compared with those of UN ambassadors from other countries that I gave up midway. And really, it wasn’t just her relative lack of credentials, it was her utter lack of credentials. There are Model United Nations delegates (as in high school students) all across the country who are better prepared to serve in this capacity than her.

As I thought about how in the world Heather landed in this crazy situation, I pondered whether we can chalk this up to you being a lazy jerk, like maybe she just happened to come on the air when someone was hectoring you about replacing Nikki and you figured she’d do as well as anyone. Then I decided that while there probably is a lazy jerk element, there is a sabotage element laced in as well. This decision to put someone completely unqualified (actually she’s anti-qualified) in that position is part of your mission to “deliberately destroy, damage, and obstruct (something) for political advantage”, to paraphrase Merriam-Webster’s definition of sabotage. I like how M-W uses the parenthetical “(something)”.

In your case, history will say that you deliberately destroyed, damaged, and obstructed the government through malicious neglect, twisted appointments, and quiet havoc wreaking. Whether you are formally charged, history will say that you sabotaged democracy, our global standing, and the future of the planet. In addition to your mind-bogglingly obvious acts of sabotage, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have lackeys in key positions across the government who are poised to delete data or change code the day before the next president takes office. I thought of this because of the utterly despicable crap happening in Wisconsin. Did you loan Walker your playbook?

May we the people somehow come through this nightmare safely.
May we the people be willing to hang in and not become totally numb to your bullshit.
May we the people stand strong against partisan power grabs and cheating.
May you crawl back to wherever you came from and leave us in peace.

Tracy Simpson

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