Still plenty of trash

Dear President Trump,

Yep, there was still plenty of trash to pick up this morning. I found a bunch in the first couple of blocks and was grateful to be able to deposit it in one of the little citizen maintained trash bins attached to parking signs along my route. Later when I hit the busier arterials there was loads more litter and again it was great to be able to put it in a trash bin that neighbors maintain out of the goodness of their hearts since we don’t have enough public funds anymore for the trash bins we used to have on some street corners and in parks. Apparently I’m stepping in for the street sweepers that used to routinely collect all the crap that people thoughtlessly discard, at least for a few block radius around our house.

I did find a couple of small treasures in the trash. One is an unused dog poop bag and the other is a strange bright yellow bookmark made out of that weird plastic-y, spongy material that’s practically indestructible. It has a green ribbon attached and is stamped with:

Heather and Steven
~ (heart shape) ~

You Give Me
The Kind Of
Feeling People
Write Novels

It’s quite sweet, though sort of sad that someone lost it and it turned up quite dirty and wet on the sidewalk to be scooped up by a random trash collector (I am giving it a shout out so not all is lost).

What I didn’t find were those missing power cords for the voting machines in multiple predominantly black voting precincts in Georgia. I wonder where those went. Do you know? What about Kemp, do you think he might know? I sure as hell hope there really is a run-off election in Georgia and I sure as hell hope there is some solid oversight so that Kemp and his henchpeople can’t screw with voting access again or lob unfounded bullshit accusations like he did the last two days.

You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves resorting to such lowdown dirty cheater tactics to hold onto power. It’s disgraceful. It’s also a sign of your desperation. Although your behavior is embarrassing and sickening, I think those of us who oppose you and your props should take it as a positive sign that we will prevail because any regime that has to resort to cheating and fear- and hate-mongering is rotten to its core and is not sustainable.

May we be safe from cheaters.
May we be happy to pitch in and help clean up our collective messes, literal and political.
May we stay strong and vigilant and loud.
May we make peace with the need to stay strong and vigilant and loud.

Tracy Simpson

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