Worn down but still voting

Dear President Trump,

Even my most solidly stolid friends can barely muster a lame “ok” when I ask how they are these days. We are heading into the dark season here, but we are used to that so it’s clearly something more that has most of us looking lost and exhausted. Sometimes people will erupt with a rage or a lamentation about you, your GOP props, or the people who’ll go along with you at your rallies and yell about locking Hillary Clinton up or repelling asylum seekers at the border. But mostly people seem too tired and disillusioned to bother getting into it all yet again. Maybe your latest gambit of threatening to change the constitution with an executive order so that not everyone born in the US is granted citizenship will register on the shock and disgust meter. Or maybe your insistence on visiting Pittsburgh even as much of the city begs you not to will feel qualitatively more outrageous than the other asinine things you’ve done lately. Maybe. Probably not. I can only speak for myself, but the weariness I’m sensing is thicker and heavier than even a few weeks ago.

Don’t take this to mean, however, that I think the war you’ve waged on democracy will succeed. We are tired and sick and sick and tired, but we are voting and we are pushing back on all the ways you and yours have devised to unfairly tip the balance in your favor. You need to read Jimmy Carter’s open letter to Brian Kemp; he cogently explains that free and open elections rest on the firm bedrock that candidates may have absolutely nothing to do with the voting itself and that because Kemp is in violation of this, he is undermining the integrity of Georgia’s elections. As more and more of these basic hypocrisies and blatant power grabs are contested, your response, predictably, has been to come up with ever more outrageous positions to keep your base pumped up.

Yes, many of the rest of us seem to be watching the spectacle like so many deer in the headlights, aghast and worn down to the point that we look inert. But we aren’t. I believe we know, like nothing else we’ve ever known, that stopping you is life or death if not immediately for ourselves, then for our neighbors and for our children and their children.

May we use what is happening to mobilize for everyone’s safety.
May we be willing to keep on keeping on for the greater good.
May we do whatever we need to keep one another healthy and strong.
May we remain stolidly on the side of peace and committed to love.

Tracy Simpson

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