A saint-like person and a flat-out liar

Dear President Trump,

I’m on the way back to Atlanta this morning for our brother-in-law’s (BIL’s) memorial service Friday. Laura’s first day back to school is today so she’s taking a red-eye tomorrow night. She’ll arrive in town (hopefully) six hours before the service. She’ll be toast, but this was really the best option given everything. Our daughter’s first day of college is tomorrow and so she’s not able to attend. I feel sad about this, but again, given everything this was really the best option. I’m going a little early to help Laura’s brother with last minute preparations and to provide some distraction.

Laura’s brother asked me to talk about BIL at the service and I decided to write him a letter because it felt much easier to talk to him rather than about him. It’s a little tricky, though to do this in a way that doesn’t feel overly precious. I’ve been obsessing about it for a couple of weeks and finally drafted it when we reached 10,000 feet this morning and could use my computer. I’ll see how it feels when I read it aloud later today. If it goes over ok, I might send it to you since I think it could be instructive for you to read a letter to someone who was solidly kind, caring, and loving since those are qualities that so far have eluded you.

Last night when I checked the news I saw that you scored a first in your UN address in that the other world leaders laughed, out loud, when you informed them that you’ve accomplished more in less than two years of being POTUS than pretty much any of the other 44 presidents who preceded you. How’s that sitting with you today? You are rather insecure and sensitive about people not taking you seriously so my bet is that if you were being honest, you’d admit that it sucked. Of course because you’re not really capable of being honest, as Dana Millbank said in the WP you will no doubt spin the laughter as a badge of US patriotic, nationalistic honor as in “who needs the stupid rest of the world? to hell with them” for your base to lap up. I wonder if the FactCheck folks will count this as a lie or if they’ll let it slide as just so much hot air opinion spouting. I for one know it’s a desperate, dangerous lie that made the entire world even more unsafe.

May we be safe from profoundly messed up leaders like you.
May we be happy to honor ordinary saints like BIL.
May we insist on healthy leaders with nuanced and varied strengths.
May you not start a war with the rest of the world.

Tracy Simpson

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