Go team!

Dear President Trump,

This evening we had a little dinner party so that our daughter’s birth mother and grandmother could say goodbye to her before she leaves for college on Friday. Our best friend came over too (she was our emergency contact for years and years so it was only fitting that she got to participate) and our daughter’s boyfriend was here as well. I made our daughter’s favorite special meal (eggplant parmesan) and because my system is now very persnickety, a gluten free variation on the theme. I purposely didn’t make a dessert because that seemed nuts given everything else so it didn’t seem like all that much to take on, but it’s late and I’m toast.

It was fun though. There were some good stories and sweet reminiscing about the day our daughter was born and who did and didn’t yell during labor or nearly break someone’s hand. There must be some lucky stars out there that smiled down on all of us since it’s pretty amazing we found each other at just the right time nineteen years ago. Despite a lot of skepticism from a lot of people, we’ve made this open adoption work really, really well. And now we are sending our girl off to college and she knows she is loved and that a lot of people have her back. Go team!

You know, I think for today this is enough. We all refrained from talking about you and politics until the very end of the evening and then we mostly just pined for people with commonsense and compassion so I’m going to follow that lead and leave you be for tonight.

May we all be safe to form families that work for us.
May we all be happy when we have the good fortune to love other people.
May we see that healthy, strong families come in lots and lots of different forms.
May we be at peace with ourselves and with one another.

Tracy Simpson

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