The phantom NYT OpEd writer needs to step up

Dear President Trump,

I’m reading a YA novel by Angie Thomas called “The Hate U Give.” The meaning behind the title hasn’t been revealed yet, but it sure looks like a karma sort of thing along the lines of ‘the hate you give will come back on you at some point.’ You are certainly getting a hefty helping of this lesson lately between Woodward’s book and the anonymous NYT’s OpEd piece. What kind of leader inspires these sorts of attacks? I mean, it’s clearly not a mystery that you are an immature, petty, lying, bully who would sell your own sister to the devil if you thought you could make a profit or position yourself a smidge better, but you must have thoroughly stomped the people around you to piss them off enough to lash out at you in these ways.

Yes, I know the OpEd phantom says s/he had noble reasons for writing the piece, including to alert the public that your instability truly is as bad as we’ve thought all along and to tell us that s/he and a band of loyal (unelected) Americans in the inner circle are running interference to save us from the worst of you. To my ear, though, it all sounds vindictive and self-serving to me, especially when viewed alongside her/his claim that you’ve done some nifty things like provided the wealthy with massive tax breaks, gutted environmental and consumer protections, and packed the judiciary with young conservatives. I think what happened is that you pushed this person over the edge by humiliating them one too many times. I also bet s/he doesn’t want to be seen has having been an accomplice to your shittiest actions, but that s/he can’t bear to stop the gravy train either. Thus, I actually think the “gutless” label you hurled at the OpEd phantom is appropriate.

If the person really thinks you pose a threat to the well being of the American people, to our democracy, to the world, then it is unconscionable for them to think it’s ok for her/him and some anonymous band of behind the scenes White House officials or cabinet members to continue propping you up and running interference. If it’s that bad they need to come forward publicly and take the damn nuclear codes away from you now (plus everything else you currently have power over, which is practically f*cking everything).

May we be safe from you.
May we be happy to continue opposing unfit leaders and their props.
May we insist on healthy democratic processes rather than insider intrigue.
May you not start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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