Cynical and slick

Dear President Trump,

Who is feeding you instructions? Is Steven Miller whispering in your ear? Or Steve Bannon from afar? Or maybe Vladimir P from further afar? Have they formed a boy band to make sure you hear the same message no matter which way you turn? I know you’re capable of coming up with destructive, sick actions on your own, but things are too strategic and slick for me to believe you are the mastermind. I’m referring to 1) your disingenuous claim that Google’s algorithms are rigged to put negative stories about you at the top of the list and 2) your cynical claim yesterday to a group of Evangelicals at a White House meeting (cabal?) that “the left” will respond with violent attacks if the midterm elections result in the GOP losing control of Congress.

Neither of these claims deserves the breath (or character count) it would take to dispute them since both are over-the-top ludicrous and messed up, but just briefly, for the record, here is what I think about them.

First, it would be nice to write the Google claim off as silly poutiness or a strange sort of preening (as in even negative attention is attention), but really you are manipulating your base’s fears of being manipulated by claiming they can’t trust what they see and hear except if it’s from your propaganda machine. If they buy it, you’ve helped lay more dry tinder to fuel your base’s anger should the GOP lose in November.

Second, the above neatly locks in with the idea that “the left” will perpetrate violence against your supporters and you all will lose everything you’ve gained. This claim is really a way to justify your supporters coming out fighting (literally, with guns) if the Democrats win in November. You know that those who oppose you would really be hugging and crying in relief if the Democrats won control of Congress. However, if you can convince your base, through their churches no less, that they are seriously, bodily in danger if the Democrats win, you will have stoked enough fear and (perceived) righteous anger to unleash a violent monster of retribution framed as a holy war (as if there’s ever such a thing). And we all know the first victims will be immigrants and people of color. Shame on you.

May we be safe from your lies and manipulations.
May we be happy to see them for what they are.
May we call out your self-serving, cynical, nihilistic agenda.
May we refuse to meet you where you are and instead build bridges.

Tracy Simpson

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