Endings and transitions

Dear President Trump,

I’m pretty much at the end of my stay here in Atlanta. Laura left this morning and I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I think it will be good all around for us to be home. Laura’s brother says he’s ready to start sorting out his new normal without his husband (our brother-in-law; BIL) and we need to focus on helping our daughter get organized to leave for college next month. I’m worried about Laura’s brother, though, and what the next few weeks and months will be like as he navigates this hard new chapter. He said today he might come with us for parents’ weekend in November and also asked that we send him lots of chatty texts. I know he has lots of friends and lots of BIL’s family around and they’ll all be keeping an eagle eye on him, so that helps at least some.

I’m too tired and spent to get into much more tonight, but will share that yesterday Laura’s brother showed us the new animal crackers packaging. The animals are no longer depicted behind the bars of a circus train car and now are shown free on the plains. All those different animals would never be anywhere near each other as shown on the box except to hunt/be hunted, but it’s still way better than being imprisoned in a circus cage for humans’ to gawk at. I know it won’t do anything instrumental for animals right away (or maybe ever), but for the next generations of children eating animal crackers to see these wild animals as wild feels like a small victory.

Maybe to replace the animals behind bars, the cookie company could manufacture a new line of figures based on all your former employees who are ending up behind bars. I bet they’d sell like crazy, especially if the company did something like the golden tickets in the Willy Wonka story and put out a million boxes of cookies with 10 images of you scattered among them. Those puppies would fly off the shelf!

And oh my, the fact that you are clearly dangling the pardon carrot out there for Manafort so he doesn’t flip on you means there’s a whole new level of hell waiting for you one day, preferably one that involves bars.

May we be safe from you, our president.
May we be happy to keep calling out your corrupt, immoral behavior.
May we keep reminding ourselves what healthy leaders act like.
May we hold you and yours accountable for every last one of your misdeeds.

Tracy Simpson

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