Mental gymnastics are bad for the soul

Dear President Trump,

Due to character count limits yesterday I trimmed out my prediction that we’d be showered with multiple Trump Twitter bombs today as you scramble to keep your supporters looking at the shiny object that is you rather than paying attention to Chris Wallace (Fox News) questioning Rudy G about his massive flip-flopping on Michael C’s honor and integrity. I know it doesn’t take a brainiac to predict your fits, but I was right; you went to town on Twitter and oh my, are the Tweets of a desperate man something to behold. As much as I’d like to just ignore them, I hope someone with influence is tracking how cracked you sound so they can intervene before you come completely unhinged and plunge us into a war to make yourself into an even sicker savior. But who can actually intervene? I don’t know.

Sometimes I wonder whether anyone with power is so corrupted by the desire to retain power and the goodies that go along with it that they simply can’t step back and consider what they are doing and what their true values are. As a particularly glaring example, Mike Pence seems to have completely and utterly sold out or is doing some bizarre multi-dimensional reinterpretation of Christian values to square his stated belief system with supporting whatever the hell you choose to do. I wish he and the other Christian sell-outs would drop the pretense of the holier-than-thou shit and claim their real values so that people can cleanly get behind them if that’s what they believe too. This will never ever happen, though, because as long as a certain (large) subset of your supporters can claim they are Jesus loving Trump supporters you are golden. This may be an extreme example, but here are some scary WP quotes from a Bible Belt Baptist that should give us all pause:

‘Love thy neighbor, meant “love thy American neighbor.”
Welcome the stranger, meant the “legal immigrant stranger.”
“The Bible says, ‘If you do this to the least of these, you do it to me,’ But the least of these are Americans, not the ones crossing the border.”’

I bet she is actually quite a bit more selective in who she thinks should be extended her God’s grace, but you’ve been spouting off about immigrants so that’s where she went. Laura and I and her brother and his ill husband probably wouldn’t make the cut either.

May we be safe from hypocrites.
May we be happy to walk our walks.
May we hold fast to integrity and moral health.
May someone take the nuclear codes away from you.

Tracy Simpson

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