Dear President Trump,

Are you betting your supporters won’t care that you’re lying or will be so gullible that they’ll believe Russia is actually trying to help the Democrats win the midterms? You’ll no doubt get some takers who will shrug off the blatant lie and others who will believe their Chief no matter what he says. This unwavering “no matter what” loyalty is scary and should be avoided no matter who or what it’s aimed at. Remember – ‘Belief + Doubt = Sanity’? It’s key. We must hold on to this idea, especially when confronted with a would-be demagogue who leads with divisive hate and gleefully exploits our weaknesses.

It also seems you all are trying to do a revisionist mind-f*** by editing out the section of tape of the Helsinki press conference when Vladimir was asked if he wanted you to win in 2016. Not only is this a stupid exercise given the existence of countless other copies of unadulterated tape, but it’s unfathomable how you can think that leaving the second half of the question and Vladimir’s answer intact actually helps you. Question: “…..did you direct any of your officials to help him do that?” Response: “Yes, I did. Yes, I did.” How is that in any way helping prop up the false narrative that Russia is really (very, very secretly) trying to put their thumb on the scale in favor of the Democrats? What you’ve got now is Vladimir admitting to having directed his people to help you win. I guess we have to thank whatever good there is in the universe that you all are not very smart. And we have to be careful not to get lulled by your painfully clear ineptitude because you’ve still managed to effectively damage, break, sully, and compromise everything you’ve touched.

This attempt to reverse the narrative such that Russia is really aiding the Democrats is over the top idiotic. You know how animals, including humans, respond to threat by fighting, fleeing, or freezing? I think you’ve helped us identify a fourth “F” response and that is flailing. We don’t generally focus much on ineffectual responses to threat, like flailing, since the survival rates associated with them are vanishingly small, but it seems reasonable to make an exception for you.

May we be safe from the drowning man threatening to take us under with his flailing.
May we be happy to warn those who think they can save him.
May we recognize it’s not healthy for us to be anywhere near him.
May you continue flailing rather than starting a war.

Tracy Simpson

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