What more does Vladimir have on you now?

Dear President Trump,

Where did the stupid phrase “walk back” come from? Sort of correcting what one has said is nothing like walking back to somewhere from somewhere. If you say something incorrect or that is wrong for some other reason (e.g., it was hurtful), then one should own the mistake, apologize, and perhaps ask forgiveness. Trying to sidle away in a “walk back” fashion is mealy-mouthed and weak.

I did, though, briefly think about “walking back” what I said yesterday about how I’d like you and Vladimir to be stuck on a deserted island to think about what you’ve done and to rot. I considered whether having said this was breaking my rules of engagement and as much as I’d like to be bold and bad enough to say this directly to you, I don’t really think I could. I also don’t believe the death penalty is an acceptable form of punishment so technically it wouldn’t be ok to condemn you to death by rot. But after considering whether I could genuinely apologize to you for saying this, I decided no, I can’t. I’d still harbor such deep disgust and animosity for you and Vladimir that my apology would be no more sincere than your walk back yesterday was on your original US Intelligence vs. Vladimir statement. I will have to make peace with my base wish for you and given that your literal fate is not in my hands, I don’t think I need to sweat it.

What I do think we all need to sweat is that we don’t know what you and Vladimir talked about in your two-hour alone time. I’ve seen nothing in the WP or HP about this but Nicolle Wallace did get some folks to talk about it yesterday on MSNBC. One of the guests said he’s certain that Vladimir taped the meeting and will add whatever was recorded to the rest of whatever he has on you. I hadn’t thought of this angle, but it totally makes sense. Of course he hid some tiny spyware to record the conversation and of course you allowed yourself to be vulnerable to further blackmail. So really, the meeting itself, what was said, and how whatever you said will be used against you are now the crisis du jour in the ongoing saga that is the undermining of our democracy by a hostile foreign power aided by our complicit president. The stupid press conference was just window dressing.

May we be safe from compromised leadership.
May we be happy to tear ourselves away from the shiny objects we can see.
May we be healthy and strong enough to grapple with what we can’t see.
May you not freak out and start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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