This is not about “the rule of law”

Dear President Trump,

I jaywalked today when I took the dogs for their walk and a car was moving pretty fast so I needed to hustle across the street to get out of the way. It occurred to me that the driver might not slow down, might go ahead and hit us, and then might claim that because I was jaywalking and breaking the law he/she would be within his/her rights in running us over. Ok, it’s an unlikely scenario and it would be tough for a driver who purposely fails to avoid hitting a pedestrian to prevail with the argument that the pedestrian was jaywalking and therefore deserved whatever she got. But still, sadly, I could see it happening – especially if I were a racial or ethnic minority person.

You see where I’m going with this, right? That it’s basically absurd and completely messed up to claim that because a family crosses into the US from Mexico, thereby breaking the law (somehow even if they are seeking asylum), it logically follows that it’s ok for the US government to separate the children from their parents. No. This does not logically follow at all.

So you know what? I don’t think this is about “the rule of law” or the deterrence crap being used as justification for this inhumane practice. I think you and Sessions (likely to get back in your good graces) recognized that wrenching families apart at the border and holding children hostage would force congress to pass an immigration bill that includes the billions you want for the wall, ahead of the mid-term elections. The other thing about this we need to figure out is who’s making how much money through all these forced separate detentions of children and their parents? Someone needs to follow this money trail. If you all actually cared about the rule of law, you would honor the laws that say that asylum seekers have due process and should not be detained (or their children snatched from them) if they have not broken any laws. So this isn’t about the law.

Once again, you all put on your sick thinking caps and wondered aloud to one another, what is the lowest, meanest thing we can do (to immigrants) that will get us the leverage we need (for the wall) and make us some nice chunks of change in the process? Despicable.

May we keep children safe and not use them as pawns.
May we be happy to oppose our government’s immoral actions.
May we redouble our efforts to wrest control from sick individuals who have no interest in the common good.
May we do so without stooping to your all’s level.

Tracy Simpson

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