Where in the world is Melania?

Dear President Trump,

Has the panic thoroughly set in yet? It was quite a twofer in the WP this morning between Trey Gowdy appearing on Fox News pushing back on your creative, if predictable, “Spygate” tweet-hoax and the revelation that over a million files from Cohen’s three phones are going to be released soon to federal prosecutors. Cue the desperate distraction, Democrat blaming/baiting/belittling, and general flailing about meant to inflict maximally cruel harm to aid the distraction effort and to be vengeful and mean because, why not?

And in all this mess, where’s Melania? Really, where is she and how is she doing? I am worried about her. It’s weird that no one has seen her in public for almost three weeks and honestly, I don’t trust you not to be keeping her under house arrest of some sort.

Although I don’t think people have taken her or her causes especially seriously, her plans to support curbing bullying and taking care of children’s needs are both noble and strange. She surely didn’t have some house staff person put a bunch of random causes in a hat for her to pull from; she chose those causes specifically and was willing to go out on a limb and publically say these things are important to her even though she is married to the Bully-in-Chief who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the well-being of poor children except to take from them to line the pockets of his wealthy patrons. So given her audacious cause picks, what is she saying privately, how much of a thorn in your side is she?

Maybe she is just done and stepping away from the drama and crap by retreating to the wings and distancing herself from you and your administration. That would be a reasonable move, especially as you ratchet up in the face of your world teetering on the verge of collapse. I hope for everyone’s sake this is what’s happened and you aren’t, in fact, afraid of what she knows, what she might say, how angry she is and are keeping her sequestered to protect yourself and your props.

When you see Melania, please give her my best and tell her I hope she is ok.

May we all be safe to cross you as needed.
May we all be happy to keep pointing out the emperor is a buck-naked bully.
May we all be healthy enough to tolerate dissenting opinions.
May we not make peace with tyranny.

Tracy Simpson

2 thoughts on “Where in the world is Melania?

    • Right, anyone can send a tweet for someone else so it’s not a very convincing statement that she’s ok. Now there’s word that she won’t be traveling to Singapore. Very strange and very worrisome. ts


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