A petty racist contrarian

Dear President Trump,

I’m curious – to what extent did you withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran because you want to undo everything you possibly can that President Obama accomplished? Does all this really boil down to you being a petty racist contrarian who can’t stand to let a black man’s legacy remain intact or be used as a foundation upon which to build? There are probably more than a hundred reasons why you won’t tell me whether this is an accurate assessment, but given how irrational your stated reasons are, I would be shocked if this “I am King of the Hill, the only King of the Hill” mentality weren’t at the core of this move as well as your insane withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and your efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act when you couldn’t eradicate it outright.

Let’s pretend for the moment that even you understand that in the context of a negotiation where there is a truly contentious issue at stake, no single individual or group will get everything they want and will have to cede some things in the service of coming to a mutually satisfactory agreement. So assuming that you do understand this basic cornerstone of negotiation, I am not buying it that you can’t see, for example, that Iran having agreed not to engage in the pursuit of various nuclear capabilities for at least 10 years in exchange for sanctions relief, while not absolutely perfect, is much better than them going for it unchecked now that you’ve pulled the string and set its collapse in motion. And it’s not as though you have some other better deal to make – you probably haven’t even bothered to patch any options together since it was likely way more about undoing Obama’s work than it was about getting a better deal. Plus, going this route almost certainly is giving you another opportunity to hand your BFF Vladimir P quite the basket of goodies; strengthening his position in that part of the Middle East, fanning the flames threatening to burn the bridges between us and our European allies, and annihilating America’s trustworthiness in the eyes of the entire world.

Have you checked your job description lately? The official one, I mean.

May we be safe from insecure power mongers.
May we be happy to build on worthy legacies whenever possible.
May we maintain a healthy vigilance and not tune out from over-stimulation.
May there be enough remaining heft in the Iran agreement to prevent further nuclear escalation.

Tracy Simpson

3 thoughts on “A petty racist contrarian

    • Thank you for this. I appreciate you sharing your blog post on this and the nuance you are pulling forward on the money angle. It’s important and it’s a good reminder to me that there are lots of layers most of us never see. I still think that Trump is strongly motivated by the desire to attack and undo Obama’s work and that this isn’t getting enough coverage, but it is crucial not to put anyone up on a pedestal (no matter how much I miss them….). Tracy

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      • I agree – look, I am a Trump supporter, but that doesn’t mean I agree 100% with everything he does (or OMG tweets). But I do find it interesting that so many gloss over the coincidence with the money, the Iran Deal, and the hostages. Some things we’ll NEVER know for sure! 🙂


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