A lying bumbling idiot

Dear President Trump,

I missed two of the five reflection times yesterday, ran right past them, so to speak. I’ve set my phone to ping me at noon, 3pm, and 9pm so I’ll remember to pause at those times. I have pretty solid morning and bedtime practices and just need some support for the in between times. How did you do? If you had trouble remembering to take such pauses you can get someone to show you how to set alarms on your phone. I do realize one needs to be motivated to make such an effort, which is predicated on one caring that one is kind and acting with integrity so I’ll not make my practice contingent on yours.

Did you see the WP this morning? They juxtaposed an article about how mad you are that the NYT published Mueller’s questions for you with an article about you having passed the 3,000-lie mark yesterday. The not-so-subtle subtext is that you are no more likely to answer those questions honestly than you are to fly to Mars. Dowd, at least, realizes the exercise of having you answer these questions is not that Mueller hopes to clear things up with your testimony, it’s so he can use the information from your former folk to catch you in lies. And btw, just because the word “collusion” was not used in any of the questions doesn’t mean they aren’t about collusion.

Which leads me to another interesting WP editorial choice – highlighting all the people in your administration, most notably Kelly, who’ve called you an idiot. It’s like they are hedging their bets by saying you are either a crazy like-a-fox liar or a bumbling idiot. I’ve not seen much on the idea you are really a lying bumbling idiot in raggedy fox trappings. I think you do intentionally lie when it suits you and you bluster and say crap you have no idea whether is true because you don’t want to admit you don’t know and you think things are true because you heard them on Fox News and you don’t care enough or don’t know to fact check. The bottom line is we can’t trust anything you say and we can’t trust what your appointees say because even if they know better, they have taken some weird blood oath to go along with whatever Chief Ding-Dong says no matter how shitty or ludicrous it is.

May we be safe from liars motivated by greed, expediency, pride, or servility.
May we be happy not to engage in kind.
May we insist on healthy discourse undergirded by respect and integrity.
May we see that peace will remain illusive as long as transparency is not valued.

Tracy Simpson

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