And one to grow on

Dear President Trump,

It being my birthday today and me being inclined to use this date as something of a personal time touchstone, I looked back at my letter to you from a year ago. That day I was concerned that there’d not been any indictments for collusion; I was so hoping at least one would materialize during the day as something of a birthday present, but no. Basically, I was hoping that by my next birthday you’d be gone. Unrealistic, I know given your congressional shield, but still, that’s what I wished for when I blew out the candles last year. From the perspective of now, I wish I could have reassured myself then that we would be on our way to this outcome, that there would be solid, if not spectacular, developments on the collusion investigation, including arrests and guilty pleas. I wish I could have seen that in May Robert Mueller would be appointed Special Counsel for the DOJ and would set in motion the sequence of falling dominoes that have begun crashing all around you. Of course we don’t get to have such peeks into the future, but on this birthday this year it seems highly likely that at least one of those trails of dominoes is going to take you down. It will be icing on the cake if one or more of those domino trails lead to and take down some (all?) of your GOP aiders and abettors.

You and your swamp-mates aside for the moment, it’s been quite a nice birthday this year with lots of sweet birthday wishes and a pretty easy workday. It’s also fun that Laura’s brother’s birthday is the same day as is the little girl’s across the street. I have also appreciated that nothing over-the-top terrible has happened today since I still brace myself even 20+ years after the horrible Waco siege and the Oklahoma City bombing that happened on our birthday. For a long time I thought this was Hitler’s birthday too, but once we had the Internet and I could easily check, I was relieved to learn it’s actually April 20th. I know it’s silly to worry about such things, but for a while there it was feeling like our birthday was jinxed and a doom cloud was following us around. I also realize that having the terrible things actually happen to you is far, far worse than having them just happen on one’s birthday so I’m grateful on lots of counts.

May we all have safe birthdays.
May we all wish one another happy birthdays.
May we all be healthy and strong for many, many years.
May we all keep putting an extra candle on the cake to grow on.

Tracy Simpson

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