We aren’t going back

Dear President Trump,

I went by the fallen tree again this morning. It’s been dragged off the sidewalk back up into the yard from which it fell. Most of the branches have been cut off and hauled away and since, like I said on Monday, there were no leaves on the branches (none), there isn’t that sort of debris lingering. There is however, quite a large heavy trunk and now it’s clear they had to cut through at least one very large root even though the rest of the root ball had disintegrated (rotted). The trunk is going to be quite a pain to dispose of and they will likely need to either dig out the remains of that one big root or poison it if they don’t want it to grow back. Vigilance will be key.

Did you see the piece in the WP this morning about Tammie Jo Shults, the Southwest Airlines pilot who safely landed the plane that lost an engine yesterday? Did you start crying when you read it? No, likely not. I wish I hadn’t either. I wish it wasn’t such a big deal that a woman was piloting the plane in the first place let alone handling that horrible situation so incredibly well, but it is. Did you catch how Shults thanked the air traffic controllers for helping her land safely and how she talked with each of the passengers after they landed? Did you see how she had to push and persist to be allowed to fly in the Navy in the 1980s? Are you maybe starting to get why we need everyone on deck, enabled to contribute the best of themselves? Shults happens to be our current wonderful example and it might be tempting to say she is extraordinary and not at all typical, but I think that would be selling humanity short. She called on her training, used her depth and presence of mind to stay calm, and she recognized that while she was the one landing the plane she wasn’t doing it alone. I strongly believe most of us would have similarly brought our best selves to this situation and that when we know others believe in us and are counting on us, we believe in ourselves and are able to do extraordinary things.

I’m also thrilled at the removal of the James Marion Sims statue in DC and that Nicki Haley called out your all’s attempts to throw her under the bus on the Russia sanctions. Like I said yesterday, we aren’t going back.

May we be safe to be our best selves.
May we be happy to believe in everyone.
May we all have a chance to believe in ourselves as a matter of course.
May we accept that real peace relies on everyone being able to bring their best selves to the table.

Tracy Simpson

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