“Things are not getting worse. They are getting uncovered.”

Dear President Trump,

Reading some of your tweets (btw: it will never be ok with me that you are ruling/governing via Twitter) over the weekend blasting the Mueller investigation, McCabe, and Comey I realized I forgot an important angle in the takedown of a democracy. In addition to having damaging goods on your allies you also need to give them pacifiers to keep them quiet. Pass things like major tax cuts for them and their donors, pack the judiciary with ill-trained, malleable conservatives, dismantle consumer and environmental protections through executive orders, and play the hard-ass line on immigration and you will have them in your pocket, especially if they know you can cut them off at the knees if they balk at towing the line. Not only do they get to feel like they died and went to their own version of “it’s all mine!” heaven, but they get cover in that they can tell their owners (aka donors) and the half of their constituents they care about that you all are getting things done for them. This way they don’t have to think every minute of every day about how they must not cross you or some choice kompromat might just leak out about them.

So there’s all that for us to stay on top of too.

This next bit may seem like an unrelated pivot, but it isn’t. In church our worship services follow a set structure where most of the year we start with a prayer of confession. Yesterday we focused on how our fears and prejudices run deep and influence virtually everything thing we do, including how we think and feel about ourselves and others, whose pain and suffering we see, who we are apt to blame for their troubles, and who we are apt to stand with or distance ourselves from. We closed the confession with a plea to God (or in my case to the human family) to open our eyes and ears and hearts to everyone, including ourselves. Following a moment of silence we then turn to an assurance of reconciliation and this is really the central message I want to share with you today. The quote is from Adrienne Maree Brown who is a writer, scholar, and activist; “Things are not getting worse. They are getting uncovered. We must hold each other tight and continue to pull back the veil.” Yes. Thank you, Adrienne Maree. And thank you, Donald, for motivating so many more of us to pull back the veils, to bear witness, and record what is happening.

May we keep each other safe.
May we cheer each other up.
May we nurse each other back to health.
May we teach one another peace.

Tracy Simpson

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