Kindness revisited

Dear President Trump,

I wasn’t able to catch the exact wording of the saying or who it was attributed to because I was running late, but I saw something to this effect on someone’s office door yesterday: “Choose kindness whenever possible, which is always.” Isn’t that nice? I really mean it, I think it’s a nice, nice thing to have on your office door. Even if it only registers with one other person a day, the potential ripple effects are tremendous. Maybe instead of investing all that money in a revolving door for the West Wing you all could just strategically place some simple posters bearing this message around the place. It would probably mean you wouldn’t need a revolving door anymore. If you are embarrassed about having something so boldly nice hanging up in the Oval Office, you could have a slip of paper like from fortune cookies printed up with the message and tape it on the edge of your desk to privately remind you to be kind. Perhaps you’ve already taped your empathy cheat sheet to your desk and so this one could go right next to it. Actually, if you followed this new one all the time you could dispense with the other because choosing kindness all the time would have you covered.

Of course this is one of my sillier pipe dreams. Someone who fires their cabinet members via tweets and dreams (out loud, no less) of executing drug dealers and has made it his life’s mission to tear apart poor families seeking safer living situations is highly unlikely to adopt a pattern of behavior characterized by kindness. I feel I should give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that the five minutes a month when you are acting like you care about someone or something that isn’t of direct benefit to you are sincere expressions of something nobler than what we typically see. Sadly, these hopes are always dashed when one of your masters jerks your leash and you get back in line with some new cruelty that completely undoes whatever nice-ish thing you might have said or done. How do you live with yourself? How does anyone else live with you? How did we get into this mess? How is that so many Americans are ok with your behavior? What a f—ing mess. And we haven’t even touched on what Mueller is methodically piecing together…..

May you be safe to be kind.
May you be happy to hold your ground when you are kind.
May you take care of your karmic health by being kind.
May you make peace with your impulses towards kindness and go ahead and act on them.

Tracy Simpson

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