Please pull your head out

Dear President Trump,

I haven’t shared anything especially positive with you lately so I thought I’d tell you what happened this morning on my run-walk. A young white man who looked like he might be homeless was standing on a corner with his skateboard out in front of him in my path. I said ‘hi’ and as I went to go around his skateboard he pulled it back. When I said ‘thank you’ he said ‘sure, have a good morning!’ Then around the corner I came upon a young African American woman who was delivering newspapers with someone who was driving her. Both because it was time for the walk part of my run-walk and because she initially had her back to me, I started walking and as she turned around and headed towards the car and me I said ‘hi’ and she said ‘good morning.’ These were just little tiny shimmery dewdrops of cordial exchanges, but so often when I greet someone during my early morning outings, I get nothing in return, not even a glance. To get nice replies from two different people in the span of a block was pretty incredible.

As I headed home I found myself thinking about the news yesterday and how for the first time we know of, the arctic is not freezing in the middle of winter. Did you copy that? In the middle of winter the arctic is thawing. Do you get how melting ice will raise sea levels and everything that is currently at sea level will be swamped? I know it’s going to feel like I’m deliberately making a stretch here, but for whatever reason my brain really did spontaneously make a connection between those two random young people for whom I now have good will and the disaster of climate change that is barreling down on us all like a runaway freight train. I told you before how doing LKM for strangers is like putting up a periscope to see out beyond my own narrow little slice of the world. Well, having pleasant exchanges with strangers is a periscope with an even better lens. I strongly urge you to pull your head out and start looking around and connecting with people who won’t be able to afford a patch of dry land when the waters rise. Get to know us, allow yourself to care about us, because if we don’t turn this whole thing around pretty soon life is not going to be worth living for any of us, including you and yours.

May we save all of ourselves.
May we be happy to connect.
May we be healthy and mature enough to see how we fundamentally need to take care
of ourselves, each other, the planet, and peace.

Tracy Simpson

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