Campaign coffers => Children’s coffins

Dear President Trump,

A friend of mine sent me a text yesterday summing up your absurd “hero in your own mind” insistence that you would have rushed in and overpowered the gunman at MSD high school with or without a weapon: “Donald bone spurs would have gone into the school and the Sun did not rise today!” Yep.

I bet, though, if the cameras were rolling and you knew they were rolling you would have made a show of being the tough guy in charge even if you somehow weaseled out of putting your own life on the line. I haven’t bothered trying very hard, but I can’t actually see you risking your hide for literally anyone else, not Melania, not Barron, not Ivanka, not Donald Jr. or Eric, and certainly not for a bunch of kids you don’t know.

In reality there probably aren’t many people who would run towards that kind of danger so how about instead of spinning out dumb action movie fantasies we get down to business and reduce the likelihood of that kind of danger? Yesterday I saw a great picture of a big burly white man holding a hand-lettered sign with a crude image of a crossed out AK-47 that said “Guns Do Kill.”

Please don’t waste your breath on the specious argument that guns are mere tools that have to be activated by humans. Check. We got that. Instead, I want you to look at what happens to human bodies when they have been attacked with an assault rifle (I say human bodies because we all know these weapons are not used for hunting as it would destroy the meat). Then I want you to consider that ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs have to be activated by people so they might as well be available to the public too since they can’t kill on their own. Finally, I want you to consider that weapons, including assault rifles, should be allowed anywhere, including on federal property. If it’s fine for people to bring them into schools and churches, then it should be fine for people to bring them into VA’s, Congressional Chambers, and Oval Offices.

Basically, the logic of all this is not on your side; it just does not make sense to put the populace at drastically elevated risk of violent death because certain politicians are willing to put children in coffins in exchange for keeping their campaign coffers full.

May we be safe from guns.
May we be allowed to live to pursue happiness.
May we be healthy enough to let go of our culture of violence.
May we allow ourselves to figure out what real peace is like.

Tracy Simpson

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