One heck of a reframe…

Dear President Trump,

In the last week I’ve received three “Response to Your Message” emails from you, in addition to the daily auto-reply. There have been a total of six of such emails since January 6th. The first couple included an appropriate salutation, but the rest just launch right in with your “response.” I’m betting that since someone made the prefix field on your contact page required your system doesn’t know how to greet people anymore. Or maybe you all are just being more honest and dispensing with the personalized greeting (actually with any greeting) since individual people don’t matter in your world unless they have megabucks to throw at your campaign.

The other thing of note is that the three “responses” I got this week were patently not in response to messages I actually sent and instead effusively thank me for my support. Is someone on the correspondence team bored or maybe messing with me a bit? Or have you all got me confused with another Tracy Simpson who is sending you just the loving-kindness blessings every day and none of the fierce compassion? Maybe this is just a relatively up close and personal glimpse of how you operate – glossing over substance and responding to one tiny, tangential, convenient bit.

Since I doubt you know what you are telling people, here are the first two sentences from yesterday’s “response” email: “Thank you for your kind letter and generous words of encouragement. Your unwavering faith and support sustain and inspire me in my efforts to strengthen and protect our Nation.” The rest goes on to tout your divisive law and order agenda and you pat yourself on the back for all the MAGA crap. Basically positions and actions of yours I adamantly oppose and have repeatedly told you I adamantly oppose. But if we were to agree to end the “response” after “… inspire me” then maybe I could get behind what you are saying. My letters to you are mostly kind and my words are generous and I am trying to encourage you to behave in certain ways. I also have unwavering faith in even your potential to change for the better and I am offering you unwavering support in the hope that you will be inspired to choose a path that is sustainable. How’s that for a reframe? How about it?

May you be unwavering in your commitment to everyone’s safety.
May you support everyone’s pursuit of happiness.
May you generously allow that everyone’s health is important.
May you be inspired by kindness.

Tracy Simpson

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