Have you ever washed dishes?

Dear President Trump,

Have you ever washed dishes? I’d be surprised if you have ever done any cleaning at all. Our dishwasher broke recently and we haven’t yet replaced it so we are doing lots more dishes by hand. It’s ok, it’s kind of meditative, and there’s a certain satisfaction in getting everything neat and orderly even though in a matter of hours it will no longer be neat and orderly. For most of us mere mortals here on the planet, our days are framed by the activities that keep us fed, clean, housed, and at least fairly presentable. Of course some of us do a lot more of these repetitive tasks to keep our households going than others of us do.

We were talking the other day about how hard life is just balancing work and home and how much harder it feels now with the added burden of so much worry about the state of the country and the world. It’s not as though the Universe decided to cut us all breaks and paused the day-to-day crap while we deal with your presidency. And for so many people, your presidency has meant exponentially greater day-to-day stress and complications, including worry over whether they will be deported to a country they’ve never known or how they are going to afford their severely autistic child’s thrice weekly speech therapy with no CHIP. Life was already really, really hard for so many, and now far too many of us are hanging on by threads.

I think a lot of this mess we find ourselves in stems from a profound failure of empathy on the part of wealthy politicians and their patrons. You all are so removed from the day-to-day lives of the rest of us you haven’t a clue how hard we work and what a struggle it so often is to stay afloat. Not only do you all not have to do the things we have to do, but you aren’t in relationship with anyone who does except those who serve you, and it’s hard to imagine you giving a rat’s ass about whether your housekeeper has to go home and clean her own home when she is done with yours. I think we need the Ghost of Real Life to visit you every night for the next year, and Ghost needs to hand you a sponge and set you in front of a load of very dirty dishes. And and when you are done with those, Ghost needs to give you a toilet brush and some shoe polish.

May we all be safe to navigate our lives without extra strain.
May you be happy to get what real lives are like to live.
May we take care of our own and our children’s health as best we can.
May you at least not jeopardize us further by starting a war.

Tracy Simpson

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