I bet you use fear tactics to try and lure white women back

Dear President Trump,

Are you playing the tape of Pence and the others piling on the kudos on continuous loop to compensate for the scary meeting you all apparently had later about the 2018 midterm elections? And how many propping up calls have you gotten from Putin encouraging you to stay the course, promising that you and yours will come out ok in the end if you follow his game plan and leave the pesky vote details to the Kremlin?

I’ve been thinking about what you all need to do on your end to win back enough white women living in key suburbs to ensure the ongoing juggernaut of the Republican majority. My bet is you will primarily inflame racial and immigration tensions and suppress voting by people of color. We are going to see even more biased reporting on crimes involving violent assaults on white women by immigrants and black and brown men. It will seem as though the only people committing crimes have black or brown skin or come from another country. Basically, I think there will be an all out war on immigrants and people of color to sow division and emphasize the state’s law and order muscle in the hopes that white women will be lured back into the fold.

Someone from the WP said that in order to save the 2018 midterms you are going to try to temper bad feelings about the tax bill by focusing on infrastructure and inviting the Democrats to play ball with you. You may well try this; we’ll see. Even if you do shift gears and make a run at something that’s at least superficially constructive and unifying (though there’s tons of worry that you will use the infrastructure repair cloak to give loyalists sweetheart deals and that you will privatize infrastructure to such an extent the populace won’t benefit at all), without driving wedges and sowing fear of immigrants and people of color it’s unlikely you’ll get enough white women back. I know it’s incredibly cynical to think this way (and I may well not be giving suburban white women enough credit) but fear is powerful and you all are masters at manipulating it to nefarious ends. So, I think we have to anticipate the worst and do our best to prepare to counter it. I’m not sure how to get this idea in front of the right people, but I’m going to try.

May we be safe from race-baiting manipulations.
May we be happy to push back on efforts to divide us.
May we help each other keep a healthy bead on reality.
May we keep moving the moral arc of the universe towards peace and justice for all

Tracy Simpson

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