“Every dream you ever dreamed”

Dear President Trump,

The WP had a story this morning about your campaign promise that electing you president would lead to “every dream you ever dreamed for your country (coming) true.” I had to reread the sentence several times and then googled it because I couldn’t believe even you would say that, but sure enough, you did. Obviously you were speaking to a group of people who were convinced they wanted “The Wall,” a Muslim ban, racially biased law and order, and “swamp cleaning” and didn’t care that they were going to vote for a proud sexual predator and race-baiter. Thus, it was probably a safe assumption on your part that your election would lead to their dreams coming true.

I wonder how they feel now having gotten to watch you in action for about 250 days? The swamp is far swampier and now we are teetering on the edge of nuclear oblivion because you and Kim Jong Un are behaving like pre-adolescent boy bullies. You are pushing a tax bill that would shunt even more massive amounts of wealth up the food chain along with a budget bill that would strip away most all the safeguards for the middle class and poor to pay for the aforementioned glut going to the top 1%. Even your staunch red hat wearers must be struggling with all this. I wonder how much more alcohol per capita is being consumed now than before the election; I bet it’s a lot and I bet the people who voted for you are out in front on this as they try and cope with the cognitive dissonance this must be causing them. I think you didn’t tell them that the price of pretending they can get back a version of America where white males are once again kings of their individual little hills and don’t have to pretend to respect women and minorities is that all the governmental props they feel entitled to would be eliminated so the wealthy can be wealthier. It’s like when people fail to read the fine print in a contract or fail to stop and think that if something seems too good to be true, it is almost certainly not true. When this all crashes in on you it’s going to be really ugly and likely the nightmare is going to get a lot worse before we all wake up.

May we be safe from charlatans like you.
May we be happy to operate within reality rather than fantasy.
May we be healthy enough to get and stay woke.
May we figure out how to get along with each other.

Tracy Simpson

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