I hope it’s more politically expedient for you to do the right thing

Dear President Trump,

When you decided to waive the Jones Act for Puerto Rico, you actually did something that made it into the very-good-news column and I am so pleased. I know it is just a temporary reprieve for them and the FEMA response is still woefully inadequate, but at least it’s a move in the right direction. Hopefully lifting the Jones Act will grease the skids for you to push FEMA to start addressing Puerto Rico’s dire needs in earnest. I don’t envy you trying to keep your fan base from getting upset with you if you were to address Puerto Rico’s disaster with the same type of response you had for Houston and Florida. I imagine to them it is unthinkable that a predominantly Spanish speaking US territory should be afforded the same protections and support as people living in the states. I don’t know if you feel torn and want to do right by Puerto Rico or you truly don’t give a rat’s behind about them, but either way, I hope it’s more politically expedient for you to do the right thing since the response so far has been morally bankrupt and waiving the Jones Act is only a modest positive shift.

Another big wild card in all this (there are many but will only focus on one more for now) is whether you will follow through with your threatened cuts to the FEMA program and the federal agencies involved in disaster response. Can you still possibly be thinking that would be a good idea after what we witnessed and endured this summer? I know you are going to be pressed to make major cuts in all sorts of services to help fund your wealth redistribution plan for massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations so I won’t be surprised to learn that you are going to press on with this. You may show up and hand out hotdogs for a couple of hours to flood victims who voted for you or talk about bringing back jobs that aren’t ever really going to come back, but your consequential actions never seem to be in favor of addressing the short or long term real needs of the 99%. Maybe though, if you made a point of spending time with us on a regular basis, like sitting down and talking with people about how their lives are going, you might start seeing us as precious, irreplaceable works of art of intrinsic, unsurpassable worth and you might shift your priorities accordingly.

May we all be safe.
May we all be happy.
May we all be healthy.
May our lives together unfold peacefully and justly.

Tracy Simpson

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