Wake up and repent

Dear President Trump,

I’ve not been a very good “good news” detector lately and instead have been snagged by the overwhelmingly sad news about the devastating hurricanes and the earthquake that decimated Mexico City. Then there is the scary, infuriating effort to undo the ACA with a bill that wouldn’t require insurers to cover pregnancy, delivery, newborn care, or mental health care costs. Might as well slap that one with the label “GENOCIDE” since we all know who would die at even higher rates than they do now if insurers can skate by those costs and only people with ample means can afford to have babies safely or to treat their crippling depression or anxiety. In fact, it would be great if you all could just man-up and admit you don’t give a rat’s ass about poor people’s health. Then there’s the latest budget proposal and on that one it would be good to type “SLAVERY” since we all know the changes would further lock the stranglehold the 1% have on the rest of us. JG nailed it with his observation that if each human is not considered a precious, irreplaceable work of art of unsurpassable worth the alternative is a world ruled by genocide and slavery. Here we are. A “healthcare” bill that puts at grave risk poor (therefore unworthy) people and a tax bill that creates even more wild wealth inequities while throwing hollow bones to the middle class to keep us quiet as we shuffle along in ankle irons we don’t realize are there.

Maybe the good news here is that in putting aside the hoods and masks, you all have gotten so cocky you don’t think you need to hide the cruelty anymore. At this point, I think you all should go for it and lay it all out there. Maybe then a few of you will realize just how far you’ve gone and will wake up and repent, will wake up and realize that not taking care of poor babies is not something you can stomach. That’s the salvation route and it would be good karma for whoever is brave enough to pull off from the pack. The invitation is open. You could walk through that door any time but we aren’t going to just stand by and wait.

May we be safe to see the errors of our ways.
May we be happy to mend said ways.
May we care for the health of each precious baby.
May we create a more perfect, just union.

Tracy Simpson

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