You can’t make yourself condemn the hate

Dear President Trump,

While I doubt you could pull it off in a thoughtful, wise sounding way, you know full well what is expected of a president in response to situations like the one that took place in Charlottesville this past weekend. You would have to be a complete idiot not to understand that you are supposed to condemn hate groups and while I don’t think you are the brightest bulb in the lot, I don’t think you are a complete idiot. You are actively choosing not to say the right things and I hope you take a boatload more heat for it.

Although you absolutely cannot afford to alienate the white supremacists part of your base, I think there is more to it than concern over making David Duke even madder or not wanting to disappoint all those big, white men with assault rifles who went to the trouble of showing up at the protest in camo carrying Donald Trump signs, Confederate flags, and embarrassing tiki torches. I think you aren’t able to make yourself lie and say you condemn their hate and bigotry because you would have loved to march with them as one of them. It’s really an awful thought and I’d actually like to be wrong about this, but there are so very many tells pointing to your affinity with aggrieved, entitled white males and their mission to salvage their manhood through violence (and only through violence, whether verbal or physical). See, I think you can lie about things you don’t care about and you can do that as easily as you breathe. Really, what the hell, why not? It’s probably actually kind of fun for you to mess with people and say shit you don’t mean and then four hours later reverse yourself and completely deny it because why not? But this here is something you do care about — white Christian men’s position in society is being compromised by having to deal with women, Black people, Jews, etc. as equals is something that galls and offends you and that you think is fundamentally wrong so you can’t make yourself condemn the hate or the tactics. We’ve known all along that you have no interest in serving all the people, but if you can’t even bring yourself to lie and say you condemn the white supremacists, it’s really time for you to go.

May you find a way to recognize everyone’s right to safety.
May you be happy to come clean and repent your bigotry.
May you be healthy and strong enough to be vulnerable.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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