What is your end goal with North Korea?

Dear President Trump,

I was just thinking about how I routinely get auto-reply messages after I submit manuscript reviews for journals, which I dutifully keep in case anyone ever questions my claim of having done X number of reviews in a given year. In the midst of this I realized I maybe should be keeping the now daily auto-replies I’m getting from you all to prove someday that I really did send you messages every day for a quite extended period of time. But that’s really too much trouble since it’s unlikely to matter to anyone else and because this practice of sending you an LKM message every day is so odd that anyone who might actually care would be inclined to believe me because who would make it up?

My main issue for you this morning, though, is to ask what your end goal (or goals) is with North Korea? Do you have a clear sense of what you want to see happen? And if so, do you think your threats are likely to reach those goals? I am genuinely curious about all this. I don’t know whether your goal is to provoke an attack by North Korea on someone you deem expendable so you can let loose in retaliation or if you want them to back down and promise never to use their nuclear arsenal or maybe you want to keep the macho posturing going between you two as long as possible, perhaps to distract us from Russia, climate change, health care, taxes, etc… Because it seems to me to be the only sane sort of goal, let’s assume you do want to come to a workable detente that truly reduces the threat associated with North Korea. Is it at all likely that in-kind threats are going to get us there? Has this sort of tactic ever worked to get someone who seems to only care about his own image to back down? I really am curious about the historical record on this and I hope you are too and that your military (and civilian) advisors can give you an honest assessment and that you heed it. I also hope someone is reminding you that strength comes in all sorts of flavors, only one of which involves threats of violence or violence. I realize bullies like you are apt to ridicule and shun diplomacy and coalition building, but this is not the time to indulge in lone ranger fantasies — there is far too much at stake.

May we all be safe.
May we be happy to find alternatives to threats and violence.
May we all be healthy and mature enough to set aside ego.
May our lives unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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