You are the exact wrong leader for us

Dear President Trump,

How are you going to play it with the major report on climate change your administration is currently reviewing? It’s basically a no-win situation for you and as I see it, there are three potential courses you could take. The most likely option is you will suppress the report or insist on bogus changes, in which case there will be no end of whistle-blower motivated leaks of the actual report and you will (once again) be shown to be withholding vital information. The next most likely scenario is that you allow it be released but get a handful of scientists to say probabilities can never be exact or certain and theories with multiple dynamic factors are never 100% provable. The third, albeit remote, possibility is that you allow the report to be released and you acknowledge that there are concerning findings and there may be something to the idea that climate change is accelerated by human activity. The reason I think this is even a possible response by your administration is that I think you would neither feel compelled to admit you were wrong nor to do anything about it.

What I don’t see as having a snowball’s chance in hell is that you will acknowledge the report, talk with the public in a heartfelt way about the threats climate change pose, work with us in earnest to really begin the challenging process of making difficult lifestyle and infrastructure changes to slow climate change, and basically give this the energy and resources it deserves. Not only would that require you to say you all have been wrong to dismiss climate change theory as a hoax but it would require tackling a complex, expensive problem that doesn’t have a neat slogan-y (quick) fix and that would surely eat into your patrons’ bottom lines. Unfortunately you are the exact wrong leader for us on virtually all fronts , but nowhere are the risks of irreversible catastrophic damage from your ignorant instant gratification leadership more serious than on climate change. We can’t afford for you to mess this up so please let the tiny part of you that cares about your grandchildren’s children’s children step up and do the right things.

May our planet be safe.
May we be happy taking care of our planet.
May our planet be healthy.
May learn to be wise stewards of our planet before its too late.

Tracy Simpson

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