You want us infinitely manipulable

Dear President Trump,

Have you left the dump of the White House to play golf this weekend? Do you really think the White House is sub-standard (as in truly dumpy) or is it just galling to be living in the same place an African American family lived for eight years and you are implying they let it go to pot? Personally, I am placing greater odds on the latter. I think it chaps your heinie that a Black man was President and you’ll do anything you can to directly or indirectly undermine him. There really is something to the idea that underneath every bully’s nasty exterior is a deep well of insecurity. Do you not see that your petty swipes at President Obama and Hillary Clinton just make you look small, mean, and decidedly unpresidential? I know General Kelly is focused on bringing order to the White House Staff and setting up workable protocols and he’s not trying to manage your behavior, but I wonder if he could give you some leadership and etiquette lessons on the sly. I imagine the Republicans would really appreciate it since it’d be easier for them to support you if you weren’t winging out there so badly all the time.

On another note, I finally took a close look at the WH auto-reply message I’m now getting every day. I sincerely doubt anyone is actually “carefully reviewing (my) message” except, as I’ve previously noted, to make sure I’m not saying anything threatening or to find something laudatory to possibly pass on to you. It is inconceivable that anything I’m saying to you would ever be given serious consideration by you or your administration. The next bit of the auto-reply is even less believable: “President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our country lies in the spirit of the American people and their willingness to stay informed and get involved. President Trump appreciates you taking the time to reach out.” I think someone either swiped President Obama’s White House auto-reply statement or just made up something that sounded good. It’s basically the exact opposite of what you seem to be about. You don’t want an engaged and informed populous — you want us infinitely manipulable so you can whip us up into hateful divisiveness.

May we all be safe to speak truth to power.
May we all be happy to hear the truth, even when it’s not flattering.
May we all be healthy and engaged.
May we all learn to respect and honor those who see things differently.

Tracy Simpson

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