People can get quite psychotic if they don’t sleep

Dear President Trump,

When I was in DC earlier in the week I got to have dinner with an old friend from graduate school. We spent most of the time talking about our lives and about past family stuff, but toward the end of the meal we talked about you. We’d just been discussing how she had horrible nightmares for weeks after her mother died and she said you don’t sleep. She was reflecting on how it seems impossible that bad people can manage to look at themselves in the mirror or have enough ease to sleep well at night. It doesn’t seem like you have trouble looking at yourself in the mirror, though I wonder what you’ve been seeing lately. You’ve been looking especially tired and kind of harried, which makes sense both for someone who doesn’t sleep and for someone who is having such a tough time getting a handle on governance. Plus, you all are having to do so much reactive damage control all the time, you must be absolutely exhausted and maybe even at your wits end with all this.

If you really aren’t sleeping and you are instead staying up and watching tv or tweeting or trolling the internet or whatever, you have to know your body isn’t getting what it needs to reset each day. I don’t know whether your lack of sleep is significantly contributing to your paranoia and your incoherence when you are off script, but it sure seems likely. People can get quite psychotic if they don’t sleep for nights on end and they certainly have a harder time concentrating, learning new things, engaging in multi-layered problem-solving, and getting along with people. You may have been able to manage semi-ok in your previous life where you really could call almost all the shots and you could always have people running interference for you until it was show time, but running a country is obviously far more demanding of the individual so charged. Unless you really are Putin’s Fool and the whole point is for you to become increasingly unreliable and inchoate, I suggest you start taking care of yourself starting with getting some consistent sleep. We need you to be able to think and reason logically in at least the most basic ways and we need you to not be reactive and impulsive. We need you healthy.

May we all be safe from sleep-deprived leaders.
May we all be happy and at peace with ourselves.
May we all take care and get the rest we need.
May we make all our decisions with care and wisdom.

Tracy Simpson

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