Leave wild places wild

Dear President Trump,

Tonight we took the dogs to Magnuson Park on Lake Washington. There’s no particular reason you should know anything about Magnuson but it’s quite an amazing place and I hope you can visit it sometime. It is on the site of the old Sand Point Naval Base. A lot of the buildings have been repurposed by the University of Washington and there’s indoor soccer in the old hangars. What’s even more cool, though, is that nearly all old runways have been dug up and the wetlands have been restored. We saw (and heard) an osprey and a beaver and a bunch of swallows, crows, and robins. All sorts of people were hanging out, having picnics and throwing footballs on the grassy areas by the water and some little girls were learning how to ride their bikes on the gravel roads. It’s one of those magical places that works really well for everyone; people, birds, and beavers. There’s a huge off-leash dog area too. Our daughter took acting lessons at the community theater and had sailing lessons there. Plus, some of the old officers’ quarters have been turned into low-income housing and the rest are slated to be converted over soon. There are public gardens and an open-air amphitheater. This is one of those places where government came through with flying colors and rescued an environmental disaster of a place and made it into a beautiful, fun, oasis that is well-used and well-loved by the community. It is such a gift.

Even though it feels like a wild-ish place, I know it had a ton of help from people to come back from the dead but as it grows into itself, I think the marshlands are becoming genuinely more wild and different species are coming back to live there. It is really worth it to be out in wild and even semi-wild places and not just manicured golf courses. You and Scott Pruitt owe it to the rest of us and to the planet to get out into the wild and experience it firsthand so you can see for yourselves how important saving and reclaiming and caring for these places is. We do sometimes get to correct awful things we do to nature, like they have at Magnuson, but how much more efficient and wise to just leave the wild places wild. I know wisdom is in short supply in your administration but I hope this letter nudges you all in that direction.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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