Hopefully it was a fluke

Dear President Trump,

This morning a beautiful medium-size speckled grey bird flew into our front window and died. We have a pretty big front window but this hasn’t ever happened before. There’s a tree in front of the window and a cat silhouette with a pussy hat taped up so it’s pretty surprising a bird would make such a mistake. When I picked it up to give it a burial of sorts, it just looked asleep with no apparent injuries but it surely was dead. I wonder what happened. Maybe it got distracted by something or there was a glare or its directional beacon was off somehow. Hopefully it was a fluke and no one else is going to make that error again anytime soon.

It has seemed as though there are more birds than usual here this spring, particularly hummingbirds and crows, and lots of robins and flickers too. We got so much rain this winter maybe the earthworms are especially plentiful and easy for the birds who like them to get. The hummingbirds have been hanging out in the Russian Olive tree in front of the deadly window. They like the little tiny flowers the tree puts out and they seem to like sitting in the branches. Have you ever seen a hummingbird just sitting? The first time I saw this a few years ago I thought maybe I had misidentified the bird because I didn’t think hummingbirds ever sat still, but they do. For pretty long periods of time, actually. They tend to look around but otherwise hold themselves quite still.

I understand you went golfing again today. Seems kind of like that’s your church. Are there birds on your golf course? I hope so for the birds’ sake but I would actually be pretty surprised if they can live there since I bet you all use a lot of chemicals on the greens and you probably don’t like the noise they make or their poop so I’m thinking there are bird-scare devices of some kind to keep them away. If you do have birds out there, I hope you take the time to notice them and to look for them when you hear them singing. They are pretty marvelous wild beings that don’t need us to think they are marvelous but do need us to not make the world uninhabitable for them, including not having windows they crash into (you can probably tell, I feel quite badly this happened).

May you decide to put your ego aside and take care of the birds and the worms.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson


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