Our arrogant, angry role model-in-chief

President Trump,

Maybe tomorrow I’ll put the “Dear” back in the salutation but I’m too angry tonight to have any unnecessary niceties mixed into my message to you.

At the end of our walk tonight we were crossing a semi-busy street. There was no traffic within 2 blocks of us when we started across but a young man in a huge black pick-up came flying up the street and gunned his engine at us just before we made it to the other side. We weren’t in any real danger but it was an obnoxious, aggressive move. There have always been aggressive jerks who delight in intimidating other people with their cars or bodies but they seem to feel exponentially more license to express their arrogant anger now that they have an arrogant, angry role model-in-chief. It was appalling seeing the video of you shoving your way up to the front of the pack at the NATO photo op today so you wouldn’t be eclipsed. And the “handshakes” with Macron. You were both acting like idiotic adolescent boys who’d just as soon whip out their dicks and have a pissing contest right then and there. Truly disgusting.

As I have said before, you can’t possibly be to blame for everything, including the increase in male aggression we are seeing. Most of it has probably been there all along and has just been kept under somewhat better wraps. But gosh are you feeding it. You are also getting quite an assist from Gianforte who still won the Montana House seat after physically assaulting a reporter last night. Truly incredible and absolutely sickening and heartbreaking. The Republicans who were quoted about it thought he was perfectly justified in knocking someone down because they irritated him. Incredible.

We are in dark, dark times and you seem hell bent on leading us further into the abyss. Is this what Putin is ordering up? Sure seems to have his prints all over it; sow chaos and division with aggressive posturing and incoherent trampling of human rights. I hope you wake up. Even if you are enjoying this power trip, hopefully some small part of your frontal cortex can see you are being used and risking all for naught.

May you summon the courage to behave like a secure human being who has respect for himself and others.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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