Stupid or traitorous? Both.

Dear President Trump,

I didn’t mention this when talking about the salutations of these letters to you, but I am also careful never to address you as “Mr. President.” That would connote a level of legitimacy I don’t believe you have. You do not fully embody the presidency in such a way as to merit the simpler, more elegant phrase “Mr. President” or “Madam President” so you are “President Trump.” This latest round of disastrous blundering is just further evidence we can’t for a second forget it is you who is currently president. With regard to your disclosures to Russia, what’s worse, not knowing it is not ok to share ally’s intelligence without their permission or giving Russia classified information with full knowledge of the prohibitions right after firing the FBI director who was leading the investigations into the ties between your campaign and Russia? Stupid or traitorous? It’s an awful choice but really, it’s not a choice we have to make (or even can make) since really you appear to be both.

My main concern continues to be what is going to happen once it becomes undeniably clear you are compromised and virtually everyone affiliated with you is compromised by unethical and criminal activity of various sorts, including collusion with Russia to win the election? I’ve been trying to imagine what it must be like for one of your supporters trying to make sense of all this. If I were her, I think I’d be thinking you deliberately chose to share the intelligence about ISIS with the Russian ambassador because we all want ISIS to go down, right? How could we not all want the same thing on this? And you had useful information from a reliable source so you decided it was in everyone’s best interest to go ahead and tell the only other super power involved in Syria that could have an impact on ISIS what you knew. I’d be angry with the press for blowing this all out of proportion and not seeing your sound reasoning. I’d see it as yet another instance where you are being unfairly maligned and mistreated by the rabid left.

I have no idea how we are going to bridge the gap between people with her beliefs and people with my beliefs or if we ever will, but I am clear we need as much grace and compassion as we can muster so here is a blessing for you and for her:

May you both be safe.
May you both be happy.
May you both be healthy.
May both your lives unfold and intersect peacefully with all other lives.

Tracy Simpson

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